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Diameter of Roller(mm) ø230 ø230 ø300 ø300 ø300
Width of Roller(mm) 80 120 170 250 330
Compacting Load(Tonf) Max30 Max30 Max55 Max80 Max80
Main Motor(kw) 3.7 3.7 11 15 22
Screw Feeding Motor(kw) 0.75 1.5 2.2 3.7 3.7
Weight of Machine(kg) 2000 2500 3600 4500 6000
MODEL Size of Roller x L Num Capacity Motor Weight Dimension W x L x H
RGN1510 115mm x 100mm 6 50kg/hr 1.5kw 500kg 600mm x 500mm x 1000mm
RGN1515 115mm x 150mm 6 75kg/hr 1.5kw 600kg 700mm x 500mm x 1000mm
RGN1525 115mm x 250mm 6 125kg/hr 1.5kw 700kg 800mm x 500mm x 1200mm
RGN2035 120mm x 350mm 6 185kg/hr 2.2kw 1000kg 1470mm x 700mm x 2000mm
RGN5045 150mm x 450mm 6 300kg/hr 3.4kw 1300kg 1750mm x 800mm x 2100mm
RGN5060 150mm x 600mm 6 400kg/hr 3.7kw 1500kg 1900mm x 800mm x 2350mm